Gundam Seed HGUC 1/144 ZGMF-515 Mobile Cgue

Gundam Seed HGUC 1/144 ZGMF-515 Mobile Cgue

Photo source for the box art :

I wanted to build an unsual subject so when i came across this kit during one of my trips to the hobby shop. I had to get it.

I airbrushed this kit using a custom color from decanted paints. I mixed gray green and black for the green color. I used tamiya gunmetal for the armor parts and dry brushed tamiya silver for slight weathering.

The Cgue has 2 main weapons an Anti mobile suit sword and a Sheild with a built in Gatling gun

The kits mono eye was reproduced by hand painting a drop of red Tamiya enamel to the kits eye.

I used the Gundam seed water slide decals to depict a mobile suit for Cagali's Army in the gundam seed story.

Some action poses..

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