Here are my very basic tools in building a gundam. These tools would help you build your fist kit with just very minor and basic details.

Side Cutters for Gundam

This tool is a must have! I have tried other cutting tools to get the parts of the runners and using side cutters are still the best and cleanest way to get those parts off. This tool would give you better results than using other tools like nail cutters and nail nippers. This tool would help you get into those tight spots on the runners and would help you separate the parts with the greatest of ease and have that kit done in no time. Although the side cutter may be an expensive tool it would greatly save you a lot of time in modeling since it provides clean cuts on the plastic kit no need for too much sanding on the nub marks.

Side Cutters for Gundam

 Gundam special tool Side Cutter
The blades tips are made of high grade steel and this has been my side cutter for years already. old school design but it gets the job done.

X-Acto knife

The X-Acto knife for me may be the best hobby knife. It is actually a short, sharp blade mounted on a pen-like aluminum body thats is used for crafting and hobbies, such as model making and other things that you need to use a sharp precision knife. The X-Acto knife has a very sharp blade specially with a newly replaced blade. There is lot of uses for this knife in gundam building. I mainly use this knife to scrape off excess plastic from gundam parts. I also use this knife to separate decals from the decal sheets.The X-Acto knife has also been used for my battle damaged builds since it offers precise cuts which is important to not to overdo battle damage effects.

Tamiya Extra Thin Cement 

Tamiya’s extra thin cement comes in a little cubed glass jar. the clear liquid inside almost look like just regular water. The warning labels on the bottle to use this in a well ventilated area. This extra thin cement smells like nail polish and is quite irritating when exposed for long periods of time. The cap has a small brush built in which is an ingenious method of applying cement. I mainly use this cement for removing seam lines in building gundams. Removing seam lines is one of the basic modelling skills that a gundam modeler needs to master before painting kits.  I would not recommend this for gluing parts. This melds in plastic but does not have a strong hold or bond over pieces.

Super Glue 

The super glue is one of the most important tools you will need in building gundams for its many uses and applications. Never start a gundam build without a super glue within reach. There are many brands to choose from. The one in the picture is the one that is  usually readily availble in my local store is Pioneer Mighty Bond instant glue. I use super glue to attach parts to my kits, For scratch building parts, For tighthening joints, For filling holes on some kits and parts.

Markers and Pens

I mainly use markers and pens for putting in panel lines on gundams and for adding additional small details on my kits. There are several brands and colors out there.The markers on the picture is Gundam Marker and Tamiya Mini 4wd marker. I would recommend buying pens and markers with fine small points since gundam have very small narrow panel lines. If markers and pens wont work you can try an advanced method called washes and dry brushing.



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