1/100 ZGMF-1000 ZAKU Warrior

1/100 ZGMF-1000 ZAKU Warrior.

ZGMF-1000 ZAKU Warrior

Overall Height 17.19 meters
Standard Weight 73.09 metric tons
Power-plant Ultracompact Energy Battery
Pilot Accommodations Pilot only, cockpit in chest

Beam Tomahawk/Shield
Hand Grenades
Beam Rifles
M68 "Cattus" 500mm recoilless rifle

I used after market decal sets for the ZAFT insignia and for the caution markings and warning signs. Drilled holes to the armor to depict rivets  done to the armor.

The ZAKU Warrior is a  mass production mobile suit. The ZAKU has a  standard set of armaments designed for both close combat and ranged battle. Stored inside its shield is a beam tomahawk for close combat.    

The ZAKU carries different types of four mobile suit sized hand grenades

Painted the shield spikes with silver giving the kit that more menacing realistic look. Produced the shield rough detail by dabbing a brush with tamiya putty. Better use an old brush for this since tamiya putty will harden at the brush after use. 

The zaku uses a beam assault rifle for ranged combat. it uses hand armaments like a bazooka or a recoilless rifle optionally when needed    

I added the wizard pack to the kit and detailed using some solder wire . The solder wire gave the kit that functional look. I did not paint the wire since the silver color is good enough to make that realistic look

most mobile suits of the era has the CIWS guns but the ZAKU does not have these standard weapons

4 x Hand grenade
ZR30F fragmentation grenade
ZR20E high explosive grenade
ZR271 thermite incendiary grenade
ZR11Q flash grenade
ZR13Q smoke grenade

I customized the pack by adding in customer thruster bells.

I painted this kit using these decanted paints from bosny. I applied it Using my tamiya sprayworks airbrush.

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