1/144 HG Gundam Deathscythe Hell

1/144 HG  Gundam Deathscythe Hell

The  Gundam Deathscythell is a mobile suit that specializes in stealth and close combat.
The gundam is a 1/144 scale kit from the gundam wing endless waltz. I chose this kit because of its awesome devilish look. This gundam has this mysterious look and aura at it. This suit has very little weapons. Aside from the gatling guns at the head unit it only has a scythe to cut enemies to pieces with.

Good thing that this kit has a cloaking ability that allows it not to be seen by the enemy.

Build quick details :

1/144 scale
airbrushed with:
Tamiya gunmetal -- wings and armor
flat black -- most of the kit armor parts
light blue -- legs arms

Panel lined with gundam marker

Top coat: several coats of flat coat in between builds.

I painted the kit with its usual standard black color. but during the painting process and with some research I opted to paint the other armor parts in blue which i mixed using decanted bosny paints.

To depict the kits eyes i used the stickers provided in the kit to give it more detail.

After painting and reassembling the kit I top coated it with clear flat for that rubbery like finish.  
I panel lined the kit with Gundam marker and used some references so that i do not overdo panel lining the kit.

Here is the kit rear view. There is no after market decals that I can find for this kit for extra details.
The wings are usuallt reminds me of batman.

The kit is a very fun and easy to build . No fit issues and since the kit has very few parts its a quick build.
I would highly recommend this kit for people who are just starting to collect and paint Gundam models for its simplicity and quality



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