How to make Painting Stand Alligator Clip Set

How to make Painting Stand Alligator Clip Set

Well after going to the GBWC 2013. ( A lot of good customized  Gundam builds!)  I found myself passing by Farmers Cubao. I happened to remmember reading something about an electronics score selling cheap alligator clips that can be used for making painting clips.

After getting lost in the mall since its my first going there I finally found the shop after asking several people around. The shops name is DEECO is located at the ground floor near a flower shop that i forgot the name already. As seen above its 20Php for 10 pcs of alligator clips

one pack comes with 10 pcs of alligator clips. These clips are intended for use with electrical devices. Each clip is covered with a rubber cover for insulation. After removing the rubber covers you can now use the metal alligator clips. Its easy to remove the covers just slide or push the metal clips inside and your good to go.

The other tools that you need to make the Painting Stand Alligator Clip Set is super glue and barbeque sticks or wooden sticks or anything that you can use to extend the clips so that your hands would not touch the part that you are painting.

its very easy to make these Painting Stand Alligator Clip Set. well all you need to do is get the metal alligator clip super glue that to one end of the wooden stick that you have and let it dry.

These clips would save you time and money. I usually use masking tape to secure my parts when painting with these sticks all you need to do is clip the part and paint away.

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