1/144 RG Karaba Zeta Gundam modelled by: Jeezer M. Malicad a.k.a. Jhez Haptism

1/144 RG Karaba Zeta Gundam
modelled by: Jeezer M. Malicad a.k.a. Jhez Haptism

Real Grade Karaba Zeta Gundam

The Zeta Gundam is a high-performance, next-generation MS developed by Anaheim Electronics in partnership with the Anti Earth Union Group.

In terms of weaponry, the Zeta is very well armed with an arsenal favoring beam weapons. It includes standard Gundam type armament including head mounted Vulcan guns, dual beam sabers, and a high powered beam rifle. It also sported arm mounted grenade launchers which could be given additional ammunition from detachable storage packs, and could also house a grappling tool for various purposes. The Zeta's most prolific weapon however is without a doubt the Hyper Mega Launcher, a massive rifle used to great extent in the latter parts of the Gryps Conflict and during the First Neo Zeon War. This weapon fires very high powered beam shots capable of destroying even battleships with a well placed shot. Both the launcher and beam rifle could also double as a cunning melee weapon as the launcher and beam rifle had a built in beam saber bayonet-style modes called the long beam saber. The beam rifle and Hyper Mega Launcher could be used while in Waverider configuration as well, and the hip mounted Beam Sabers doubled as beam guns in this mode. Info from: gundam wiki

The box art:

Here is a picture of the manual showing the Karaba marking which would make this kit diffrent from the regular zeta gundam.

Here is the comparison with the oroginal zeta gundam.

Here are the shots of the runners of the kit

Let the build begin!
The tools as seen on the picture.
Side cutter
Regular cutter
Hobby knife
Cotton buds

Shots of the inner frame.
some times you cant believe its in 1/144. its almost like a Master grade frame.

some shots of the internal boosters
shots taken for flight testing the wave rider mode

Armor test fitting.

picking the pieces up.
almost half done zeta

piece by piece by piece....

As i have heard about the RG Zeta. the parts can easily be broken due to the kits small and thin parts

these parts are really small
comparing the scale with my hobby knife. During assembly. Handle the parts lightly and do not apply too much pressure when snap fitting the kit parts to avoid damaging or breaking them

The Completed kit.

no super glue, no modifications, just pure straight build

Overall Height 19.85 meters (MS mode)
Head Height 18.7 meters (MS mode)
Wingspan 18.61 meters (Waverider mode)
Max Weight 62.3 metric tons
Standard Weight 28.7 metric tons
Power Output 2020 kW
Sensor Range 14000 meters
Pilot Accommodations  Pilot only (in panoramic monitor/linear seat cockpit in torso)

Wave Rider Mode

Back to RG, Same feelings when buit this kit, same way of building, and same act,had fun building and playing with this kit and transforming it several times. MS-MA-MS-MA-MS-MA, then thinking "I am strascream" and still the kit condition is fine, no stress marks.

My tips on this zeta:
BE EXTRA CARE FULL WITH THE PARTS. make sure that you double check some of the parts since there are some extra plastics on the molds of some of the parts. make sure you test fit and move the joints just to llosen them up a bit. the hardest part of the kit was the kits v-fins there so small you need extra care and patience when putting them on.



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