1/100 Herzensbrecher by Acoy Delgado

1/100 Herzensbrecher by Acoy Delgado

When I saw this kit on facebook I knew I had to feature it! Its weathering at its finest. not to subtle and not to over done. By the looks of the kit the base kit is an MG Zaku.  

A rear side view of the kit reveals that the weathering is done all through out the model. notice how far the stain goes on to a point at the foot of the model. it is after all a huge mech.

Impressive concept of putting the turrets and cannons on the head part of the model.

Here we can see again the attention to detail put by sir Acoy. weathering and paint chipping on the orange stripe add realism to the overall kit instaed of a solid band

Here is a good shot of the rifle which is scratch built. wonder how many rounds it holds?

A nice kit and good photography skills are really a good combination.

even with close inspection the rust details are really well done. According to Sir Acoy the weathering is done using cotton balls and artist oils.




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