Project Gwen FA + FW by Ver Ed.

Project Gwen FA + FW by Ver Ed.


I have always been impressed by works of Ver Ed also known as eday. His fine attention to detail and how he makes things blend together for a properly executed model. the surprise for this kit is the scale he usually models kits with superb detail in 1/144 scale and we all know how small that scale is. 


 panel lining and scribing on such a small kit is much easier said than done. keeping this in scale and blending things together not making the kits look like the panel is scribed there for no reason. this guy must have magnifying glasses while working on this build. such an awesome build!

 the use of add on parts to make this kit armor laden is also a key point that ive noticed on this kit. again its all well put together. guns guns and more guns! missile pods enough to make holes on any battleship.

comparing the kit from the original kit is mind bending. the use of metallic colors for the boosters and inner frame is also good. wire and boosters galore.



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