HGUC 1/144 F-91 GUNDAM Modelled by toya

HGUC 1/144 F-91 GUNDAM
Modelled by Toya

The model itself is only 11cm or so, be very faithful set of 1/144, the joint activity is high, the basic two heavy weight knee elbow 2 thigh grounding force of paragraph 2 are excellent, even to replace the head faceopen also very simple, design VSBR armed activity is also very good, I think the overall design is better than some of MG.

Hand grip arms around each one
Replaceable FACEOPEN mode
Replaceable shoulder cooling cooling fins
Beam shield is removable boot style
Beam Rifle
Lightsaber x 2
Production side: the hormone group complementary color / F/91 sticker is not no other too special production



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